Ring The Bell, it's Dinner Time!



Mac n’ Cheese | $12

homemade five cheese blend


Dylan’s Chicken Wings | $14

bbq, buffalo or sweet Thai chili. Served with carrots, celery and creamy blue cheese


Trash Can Nachos | $12

signature cheese blend, black beans, jalapeño relish and pico de gallo

add ons: grilled chicken: $5 | hanger steak: $8 | grilled shrimp: $8

plant based chicken: $4 | pulled chipotle chicken: $4 | ground beef: $4

blackened chicken: $6 | half avocado: $3 or whole avocado: $5


{You’re gonna want to try this one!}

Disco Duck Fries | $19

pulled duck, fried cheese curds & delicious duck gravy


Avocado Fries | $11


Lobster Mac n’ Cheese | $25

lobster claws, five cheese blend, toasted panko crust


Coconut Shrimp | $16


Chicken Tenders | $14


Home Made Cheese Curd | $10

think gourmet mozzarella sticks


Jalapeño Poppers | $8.50


Plant Based Tenders | $14


Guacamole and Chips | $12

Sid and Lemmy enjoying Dylan's fried chicken.


always cruelty free and raised without antibiotics


4 Piece (Spicy or Original) | $21

buttery corn on the cob, cheesy buttermilk biscuit


10 piece (Spicy or Original) | $46

buttery corn on the cob (4), cheesy buttermilk biscuits (4), mac n’ cheese





choice of french fries, sweet potato fries or house salad


F-&-A Burger | $18

american cheese, nitrate free bacon, cooked onions,  house dressing


BBQ Burger | $18

mozzarella, bbq sauce, cooked onions, grilled pineapple on a potato bun


Plant Based Burger | $18

avocado, shredded cabbage, veggie bacon


Bacon Blue Burger | $18

nitrate free bacon, crumbled blue cheese on a potato bun



Poutine Burger | $25

cheese curds, poutine gravy served with disco duck fries!





Steven Tyler tried but could not eat a Dylan's burger in one bite.



Dylan’s House Salad | $12

mixed greens, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions in our roasted

shallot vinaigrette


Southern Peach Salad | $15

mixed greens, candied pecans, sweet peaches, goat cheese, cucumbers in our house vinaigrette


Wedge Salad | $14

crumbled blue cheese, nitrate free bacon, tomatoes, creamy blue cheese dressing


Caesar Salad | $12


Power Protein Salad | $18

chick peas, quinoa, avocado, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, corn, black beans, almonds over mesclun greens in our poppy seed vinaigrette


Top any salad with our delicious...

grilled chicken: $5 | hanger steak: $8 | grilled shrimp: $8

plant based chicken: $4 | pulled chipotle chicken: $4

ground beef: $4 | blackened chicken: $6 | half avocado: $3

or whole avocado: $5




It is said that ACCEPTANCE is the key to happiness.

We agree - no substitutions please.


Shrimp & Grits | $24

topped with pancetta, jalapeño and roasted tomato sauce


Blackened Chicken | $22

fingerling herb roasted potatoes and burnt broccoli


Dylan’s St Louis Ribs Full Rack | $34

mesquite bourbon dry rub, bbq sauce, mac n’ cheese, coleslaw


BBQ Salmon | $27

mashed potatoes and burnt broccoli


Chicken Fried Filet Mignon | $28

garlic mashed potatoes and pancetta Brussels sprouts


Gourmet Empanadas | $18

choice of 3 served with house salad. (chipotle chicken, hanger steak, american burger, burnt broccoli, cheddar, mac n’ cheese, goat cheese, chicken, carne molida, gallega, tres quesos, chicken pesto, serrano queso frito or sexy shrimp)


{House Favorite}

Deep Fried Cornish Hen | $24

cajun saffron risotto and corn on the cob


Ribeye Steak | $36

garlic mashed potatoes and pancetta brussels sprouts


Chicken and  Waffles | $18


Tacos | $18

choice of 3 served with house salad. ground beef, chipotle

chicken, plant based chicken | shrimp +$2, hanger steak +$2


French Bone In Pork Chop | $26

14 ounces of creole seasoned deliciousness.  served with fingerling potatoes and pancetta sprouts


Pan Seared Mahi Mahi | $25

mango salsa, mashed potatoes


Dylan’s St Louis Ribs & Fried Chicken | $32

1/2 rack and 2 piece served with buttery corn on the cob, a cheesy buttermilk biscuit.







Free Range Grilled Chicken Sandwich | $18

avocado, nitrate free bacon, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, mayo on texas toast


Braised Beef Sandwich | $18

slow cooked and topped with fontina cheese, sautéed onions, bbq sauce.

served on a potato bun


Fried Chicken Tender Sandwich | $18

deep fried, topped with nitrate free bacon, avocado, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, mayo. served on Texas toast


Tres Quesos Grilled Cheese Melt | $16

american, gruyere, fontina cheeses topped with fried green tomato, southern ham on buttery thick sliced brioche


Top it off | $2

avocado, nitrate free bacon, mozzarella, fontina, american, crumbled bleu cheese, cooked onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeño relish, mango chutney





Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Andouille Gravy | $8


Burnt Broccoli | $8


Cheesy Grits | $8


Dylan’s Cornbread | $5

served with maple cinnamon butter


Street Corn | $4.50


Burnt Pancetta Sprouts | $9


Cheesy Biscuit Bag | $6.75

3 cheesy biscuits, andouille gravy


Cajun Saffron Risotto | $7.50


French Fries | $7


Sweet Potato Fries | $7


Fingerling Potatoes | $8


Corn on the Cob | $4


Beans | $4


Jalapeño Relish | $2


Coleslaw | $5


Side of Gravy | $3.50


Guacamole | $6



Kids eat half price Sun-Fri from 4-7


Chicken Tenders | $12

with french fries


Grilled Chicken Tenders | $12

with sliced cucumbers


Mac n’ Cheese | $12


Single Patty Cheeseburger | $12

with french fries







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