Chipotle Chicken Empanada | $3.99

seasoned free range drumsticks and thighs shredded and

sauteed with smokey chipotle peppers,onions and tomatoes


Hanger Steak Empanada | $4.75

tender hanger steak, aged cheddar and a julienne of

peppers and onions in our blend of fresh herbs


American Burger Empanada | $3.99

perfectly seasoned ground beef with American cheese and a touch of onion - DELICIOSO!


Burnt Broccoli & Cheddar Empanada | $3.50

charred broccoli, garlic and onion with blended aged cheddar


Mac n’ 5 Cheese Empanada | $3.50

semolina macaroni in a velvety medley of fontina, gruyere, cheddar, American and mozzarella cheeses


Chicken and Goat Cheese Empanada | $3.99

free-range dark meat chicken, goat cheese, crispy bacon and onions in a basil balsamic glaze


Carne Molida Empanada | $4.25

succulent ground beef slow-cooked in our secret

mirepoix finished with a touch of fresh herbs


Empanada Gallega | $3.99

minced pork, poblano peppers, onions, spice blend,

tomato, celery, garlic and corn


Tres Quesos Empanada | $3.75

smooth melted queso frito, cheddar and gruyere


Pollo Pesto Empanada | $3.99

pulled dark free-range chicken, roasted red peppers, onion, sun-dried tomatoes and provolone in our flavorful pesto


Serrano Queso Frito | $3.99

serrano peppers and potatoes then coated in creamy queso frito


Sexy Shrimp Empanada | $4.75

scampi style shrimp, peas, carrots and blended herbs cooked to perfection


Deep Fried Twinkie Empanada | $3.99

deep fried Twinkie with dulce de leche in a crispy empanada


Snickers Empanada | $3.99

deep fried Snickers bar in a crispy empanada. Sinfully good!





Jumbo Free-Range Chicken Wings | $12

8 crispy deep fried wings and drumsticks in your choice of spicy buffalo, sweet Thai chili or smoky BBQ sauce. Antibiotic free.


Free-Range Chicken Fingers | $12

4 tender white meat chicken fingers coated in our

delectable signature breading served with straight cut french fries and homemade honey mustard. Cruelty free. Antibiotic free.


Mac n’ Cheese | $10

semolina macaroni nestled in our secret blend of imported and domestic cheeses melted to creamy perfection.


Jalapeno Poppers | $8.50

classic breaded jalapenos stuffed with seasoned cream cheese. Served with both sour cream and jalapeno aioli.


BAM BAM Ensalada (House Salad) | $11

crisp iceberg lettuce tossed with tomato, cucumber

and red onion topped with homemade roasted

shallot vinaigrette.


Classic Caesar | $11

hearts of romaine, parmigiano reggiano and crunchy
croutons in our creamy Caesar dressing.

Add Ons: Chipotle Chicken $4 | Ground Beef $4 | Plant Based Chicken $4 | Hanger Steak $8 | Shrimp $8 Blackened Chicken $6 | ½ Avocado $3 | Whole Avocado $5


Arepa con Queso | $5.99

sweet corn cakes filled with queso frito and seared in butter


Guac & Chips | $12





French Fries | $6.50

straight cut and crispylicious!


Street Corn | $4.50

this decadent Mexican favorite is char grilled, slathered in mayo, sprinkled with queso Cotija and chili Powder then finished with zesty spritz of lime… mmm Tasty!


Chimichurri Sauce | 2 oz.  $1.99


Sour Cream | 2 oz. $.50


Jalapeño Relish | $2


Beans | $4


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